Work in progress

For a while now I’ve been wanting to create a zine/booklet about Scottish words which are commonly used. Being originally from Australia, I initially had no clue what people were saying to me (sometimes I still have trouble!!!) so I thought it would be fun to create a small illustrated guide of some of these words which I’ve come across. Each word will have an image, the meaning, how to pronounce it and an example of it used in a sentance. It will be somewhat of an outsiders guide to the scottish language! I’ve only just done the initial stages of this project, a mock up of the size and what words I’ll be using, and the possible images I’ll include. They are just quick sketches at the moment, so alot more work needs to be done to refine each page and to come up with interesting layouts, etc.

Here’s a few of the mock up images…..

photo 2

photo 3photo 4photo 1


Dead and Gone.

For one of my final year projects I wanted to try my hand at sewing soft toys. I decided to focus on something which would be more on the educational side so that its purpose was more than just an object to play with. I thought it would be good to create a product which you would see in a museum shop, so I opted to base the toys on extinct animals. People could see an animal, such as a Dodo, in one of the museum exhibits, and then be able to take a version of that animal home with them. I wanted to include information about extinction and the animals with the toys, so I decided to create packaging which had the purpose of holding the toy as well as informing the consumer all about extinction, etc.

I decided to choose 3 animals, a Dodo, Tasmanian Tiger and a Steller’s Sea Cow. I also kept the packaging quite uniform across the range so that they would all fit together and look part of a set when displayed together in a shop senario.

The packaging was all hand screenprinted and hand cut and the toys were also all designed and hand sewn.


It’s all done!

So, I’ve just finished my degree in Illustration! (yay?!?) It’s kind of a strange feeling from being constantly busy all day everyday………to nothing! We had our degree show from the 16th-25th May. It was surreal that it was actually our show! 4 years in the making!!!! Here’s a wee look at part of the show.